Now available at all Whole Foods in Washington and oregon

Ginger Lemongrass Vinegar

Product Info

Ginger and lemongrass are not the easiest things to grow in the PNW, but last fall we were able to get our hands on some incredibly juicy baby ginger from Radicle Roots Farm in Snohomish. We combined it with lemongrass stalks grown by Tualco Farms, an amazing farm in Monroe WA that grows an array of herbs and veggies. We let it ferment and age for about 9 months into a light, zingy, effervescent vinegar.  

Try it with: Quick pickles (red onions are our fav!), splashed into drinks, with seltzer, as part of a marinade for tofu or chicken

4.5% acidity, raw and unpasteurized (like all our vinegars).